Tuesday, May 14, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Todd and I are trying something new. We both agree that the bulk of our excess money is spent going out to eat. While we love the convenience and ability to grab something quick, its not financially effective in our budget. 

So I came up with a plan. For the month of June, we are not using our money to eat out. Todd and I will each get $20 a week for lunches or to spend on whatever we want, however we will not charge a dinner or lunch to our bank account. IF the other person does use the debit card for a meal, they will give up their $20. 

The plan sounds simpler than it actually is. We are a fast paced family. Constantly we are on the go, and June should be a very busy month for us. While I realize that this is going to be very difficult we are both excited about the challenge. We both are competitive and look forward to pushing each other to try new meals and stretch the food we already have in our pantry. I started following this blog a few months ago and got my idea from her. She has awesome ways and ideas to cut cost and save money. We don't use her 7 bank account method, but do follow her tips for budgeting on $100 a month per person. 

I am excited to see how much money we save next month. And even more excited to try new recipes and eat healthier  I do the majority of the cooking, and look forward to having Todd get more involved  We are going to freezer bake before June 1 to help on the nights where we need a quick meal, and I expect chicken nuggets and tater tots to be a weekly staple but we are up to the challenge and are excited.

Keep checking back for menus, and updates on how the challenge unfolds during June.