Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today I decided to try Panera Bread's new fresh pasta. I paid $8.50 for their small penne with red sauce. I got back to work, opened up the bag and was EXTREMELY disappointed in what I was given. The pasta/sauce didn't even take up half of the container it came in!  

I called Panera back and asked if I was not given the full amount or what the policy was. The manager explained that they have no regulation over the portions. The pasta comes frozen from headquarters and they only warm it up. She is mailing me a full re-fund which I thanked her for, but am very disappointed.

SO- I decided to contact Panera and figure out what this was all about. I sent them a Facebook message and a few tweets with pictures of what I received. Below is the responses I received:

Hi Andrea. We're sorry to disappoint, but do appreciate your feedback. As the cafe mentioned the pastas are preportioned and prepared individually. We'll pass your comments along to our Product Development team.


Tried @panerabread new pasta today. Paid $8.50 for a few bites worth. Called and was told It comes frozen from HQ. pic.twitter.com/npidMfOtb9

@panerabread the container wasn't even half way full. #whatgives?? $8.50 for a few bites??

@ASchonhardt Hi Andrea. Pasta should come w/ a side salad or soup. If this isn't what you received, please contact us bit.ly/N49plo

@panerabread It did not come with a salad or soup. I'll contact you on the site given. Thanks!

I have felt that they were over priced for awhile now. Now this jut confirms it for me. Our local Panera has great customer service and the food is overall good; its just disappointing that its pricey food for a small portion.

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